IFYM Yoga Code of Conducts and Ethics

IFYM Code of Conducts and  Ethics

Registered Professional Members and Professional PLUS Members

IFYM Registered Meditation and Yoga Professionals agree to:

1. Always treat clients and students with the utmost respect and honor.

2. Abide by a vow of confidentiality. Any information that is discussed within the context of a Meditation and Yoga session is confidential between the client and practitioner.

3. Provide a safe and comfortable area for sessions or classes and work to provide an empowering and supportive environment for clients and students.

4. Have a pure and clear intention to offer your services for the highest healing good of the client and highest potential of the student.

5. Provide a brief oral or written description of what happens during a session and what to expect before a client’s initial session. Provide a clear written description of subjects to be taught during each level of Meditation or Yoga, …

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