Meditation Courses


Meditation can change the way we experience our life. Meditation is a simple scientific process for relaxing the mind and body. It helps to make our body relaxed and our mind more calm and tranquil. It makes us free from anxiety and worry, so we are engulfed by a feeling of peace and well-being. As a result, we are able to better utilize the immense power of our brain, progressing spontaneously in the path of our life and career.

Meditation helps prevent and cure 75% of all diseases, including migraine, sinusitis, backache, other aches and pains, IBS, acidity, constipation, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and insomnia. Here at IFYM we have arranged to provide the following online meditation courses in association with International Institute of Scientific Meditation. You will receive complete personal guidance on meditation from internationally acclaimed meditation guides.

Online Training are offered on Two levels: Foundation Course, and Teachers’ Training

Fees :

Online Foundation course of Meditation – $100 USD

Foundation course offers the basic idea about the meditation technique and helps you reach deep level of meditative absorption. Foundation course comprise of three one hour Skype sessions with our experienced meditation masters paced in equal intervals in one or two months, and email support thereafter.

After attending the course, for learning advanced techniques and for continuing guidance including one Skype session per month, you can subscribe at a monthly contribution of $10 USD, which you can cancel anytime.

Online Meditation Teachers Training Certification Program – $ 1000 USD

We provide online self-paced meditation teachers training certification program. It is 200 Hours teachers training program with 75 hours online Skype sessions. It is a self paced program. So you can complete it in one month, two months or one year.

Teachers training program  is a comprehensive program that consists of 3 steps that are designed to be self-paced.  The Foundation Course is where you start to learn the science behind the practice. This is followed by the Teaching Method Course to give the practices that support the science.  The final course is for you to work with our expert guides and prepare for Certification.

Step 1 – Meditation Teacher Foundation Course

Step 2 – Meditation Teaching Method Course

Step 3 – Meditation Specialist Certification by International Foundation of Yoga and Meditation

On completion of the course you will be awarded the certificate of Specialist Meditation teacher by IYFM and your name and contact will appear in the IYFM list of  approved meditation teachers for one year. Directory listing is subject to renewal with a nominal yearly fees.

Following are the online meditation courses offered by IYFM.

Course 1: Om Inner Sun Meditation Course with Banani Ray

Online Foundation Course: $ 100 USD

Online Teachers Training Course: $ 1000 USD

Awaken and Live as the Splendid Sun that Shines within You

Om Inner Sun InitiationThe splendor of thousand rising Suns…. That’s how God is described in various spiritual texts. Om Inner Sun Initiation and Meditation teachings will help you find that splendor within your innermost core.

Om Inner Sun Initiation is a life-changing experience, designed for those seeking a deeply spiritually transformative path to empowerment, self-love, energy, bliss and compassion. The teaching contains practice for diving into the soul of the OM Mantra for Intensive Awakening and immersion in our real and essential nature, the supreme and divine Self.

It is mentioned in many ancient traditions that Om is the mantra of utmost purity, and hence, you need to be specially qualified to take up the Om Sadhana as your core spiritual practice. Om inner Sun Initiation is a deep empowerment and technique that comes down from Shiva, the ultimate cosmic consciousness to purify your body and mind and to help the ascension easier so you can easily realize the fruit of the practice in your life and be blessed.

If you are ready to embark upon the transformative journey of self-realization, you are welcome to take initiation in to this profound teaching that can build your radiant body, activate your higher Chakras, bring you out of anger, resentment, judgment, and dissolve negativities and challenges in front of you. It is an adventure into the deeper and subtler aspects of your consciousness.


“Om is the light of freedom and strength that already exists within you; Om meditation is walking on the path of peace and love.” – Banani Ray

Smt. Banani has been guiding many people in their personal spiritual evolution and now she is sharing her spiritual wisdom, consolidating it into a systematic program of teaching, transmission of energy and initiation system that leads the student far along the way of peace, joy and well-being, removing along the way stress and blockages in body and mind.

Om Inner Sun Meditation and Initiation is a concrete step by step simple process of Om mantra practice and meditation that can help anyone awaken their true hidden potential of peace, bliss, blessedness and the luminosity of higher consciousness.

Smt. Banani’s teachings will take you beyond meditative highs and lows to truly embody your radiant being of light – reprogramming your body, mind and emotional system to lead you to a sustainable and stable inner space for total illumination and power-charge your inner operating system for living a Self-luminous life of spontaneous joy and compassion.

You will learn how to awaken your inner Sun and bask in the Mystical illumination, and become a Beacon of light, love, healing, creativity, energy and bliss on the earth.


The Meditation Technique

Om Inner Sun Meditation is an integrated Om meditation technique that combines time-tested ancient techniques along with modern science-backed practices that are proven for developing grey matter in the brain, improving focus, concentration and memory, and resist the shortening of Telomeres in your gene which enhances health and longevity. In her teachings, traditional meditation technique combines with modern findings of Neuroscience and Epigenetics to create an unique experience that helps to build and maintain a healthy, whole, and fulfilling life.

In her classes, Smt. Banani not only teaches the technique. She empowers you through transmission of the divine energy to awaken the energy and initiate the process of opening the third eye. You are gently guided through the meditation techniques following her voice to experience deep meditation.

The Teachings

The teachings address broader aspects of accessing your Spiritual Heart from a variety of traditions including Esoteric Vedic Tradition, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Sutra, Upanishads, Advaita teachings and Sri Vidya, while integrating new scientific understanding in consciousness, and neuroscience. It is a program that empowers you with the ancient esoteric teachings of Om Mantra for meditation and self-healing by reprogramming your subconscious mind for happiness, wellness, success, energy and even abundance.

It works on many levels… to focus the mind, dispel old habitual thought patterns, create higher resonance, and ultimately to bring you to the silence beyond the sound, wherein meditation is effortless and spontaneous. Om inner Sun initiation and teachings offers a path of spiritual development on an individual, collective and transpersonal levels where you will awaken the Sun within and express the luminosity outwards in your life, allowing you to become beacons of Light in the World.

For thousands of years, this secret was kept hidden from the ordinary people in the coded language of Mystical Metaphors, Kriyas and Devi Worship. This is a rare opportunity to take your practice to the next level through extended immersion into subtle layers of awareness. The teachings create fascinating and purifying experiences during meditation both for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

The goal of the teaching is to provide you with tools to follow the pathway of sound to your inmost radiant Self and find your own direct connection to your real h‘OM’e. Anyone with a sincere desire to consistently access their true nature, and express it in their life, in the service of Life, is WELCOME.

About the Om Inner Sun Meditation and Initiation – One-on-One Private Session on Skype:

“Om is that God of love. Like a loving mother Om cleans us of our clutters collected through many incarnations.” ― Banani Ray

The process has three phases. The first phase is Knowing the Inner Suns within you. The second phase is Om Mantra Initiation and Shaktipat transmission for removing obstructions so the Suns Shine bright. The third phase is Om Inner Sun Guided Meditation for aligning the Suns within and revealing your light-body. The third phase also consists of teachings, powerful insights for a happy life and scientific understanding of the process.

If you are interested for the online foundation course or for online teachers’ training course, please contact:

Course 2: Neuro Epigenetic Scientific Meditation (NESM) with Banani Ray

Online Foundation Course: $100 USD

Online Teachers training Course: $ 1000 USD

Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific meditation is an evidence based powerful meditation practice devised by Banani Ray and Dr.Amit Ray from their long experience and experiments with meditation at Himalaya Uttarkashi and then at secular settings teaching meditation to thousands of people coming from all walks of life.

NESM is a practice rooted in ancient history and also in modern science. Science has been an integral part of the technique of Neuro Epigenetic Scientific meditation technique. It is true that the only way to know if we are achieving our goal of improving the health and happiness of the world is to measure it. That’s where the research comes in.


Our approach is non-sectarian, pragmatic, and open. Whether you are interested in meditation simply to improve your physical and mental health, for personal development, or for spiritual transcendence, NESM meditation technique can just be the right thing for you.

NESM technique in its full form is Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation. The characteristic of this technique is neural regeneration and genetic behavior optimization which facilitates brain development, overall health and balanced coherence between head hand and heart for optimized expression of your fullest potential. Coherence is required in all these three areas for a human being to think and operate efficiently, rationally, and with emotional stability.

NESM technique draws inspiration and insight from the current study on neuro-plasticity of human brain apart from other cutting edge scientific studies and research on meditation neuro-science, genetics and well being. Neuro-Epigenetic Scientific Meditation can induce epigenetic advantage and include techniques that have been shown to reverse cellular aging by lowering oxidative stress, which in turn increases longevity. It has a powerful impact on DNA and has even been suggested to increase telomere length, allowing for a positive shift in genetic expression.

NESMTM is a blend of some powerful meditation techniques, mindfulness exercises, hypnotherapy, yoga and visualization techniques that could help generate new neuronal pathways to improve clarity, focus, memory and decision making, and at the same time are potent to change the gene behavior in a positive way.

You will be learning through practice and study. You are expected to devote at least thirty minutes, ideally twice a day, to the practice of NESM technique, and another thirty minutes to one hour to study to gain the fundamental understanding of how the different parts of the technique may have impact on your body, mind and nervous system.

NESM: Our Three Tools for Mastery – The Three B’s

The NESM TM technique is based on three B’s:

1) Brain 2) Breath and 3) Body Intelligence

Throughout this course you’ll learn how to work with these three tools, and how important they are for efficient, intelligent and stress-free living. You will know how meditation is important to increase your brain power, focus, clarity, memory and efficiency. You will be introduced with the concept of Neuro-plasticity and its connection with meditation. You will know how breathing is related to your feelings, mood, memory, brain-fitness, relaxation and overall well-being. You will learn about the intelligence of the cells of your body and how activating and awakening that intelligence can lead to many positive impacts like pain-relief, stress-management and overall health.

We hope, taking this course will be an interesting journey for you, and it will give you many interesting insights that will sustain motivate your practice. If you are a wellness professional or an individual this course will help your understanding of the science of meditation and deepen your practice.

Our unique  NESMTM Teachers Training Programme has been created for coaches, counsellors, therapists, consultants, HR, medical and health professionals and others who want to teach their individual clients or colleagues the NESM system through a one to one process. However, our program is open to all – you do not need to be a qualified coach to learn this technique.

About Our Guide:

Banani Ray is a mystic, spiritual mentor, an accomplished speaker and an enlightened teacher in the Himalayan Wisdom tradition. An acclaimed international author of several books on meditation and infinite human potential, she has founded the Neuro Epigenetic Scientific Meditation (NESM™) technique and has a wide following of students in many countries.

Her approach to spirituality is non-sectarian and pragmatic. She will not try to make you believe anything nor convert you to a specific religion. She has been exposed to and experimented with several teachings and practices, and her teachings combines esoteric wisdom with modern scientific knowledge in a way that people from different backgrounds and levels of interest can relate to.

She is the Course Director and co-founder of International Institute of Scientific Meditation. With her loving kindness, deep insight about life and profound spiritual wisdom, she gently guides her students on their chosen paths. Banani Ray holds Workshops and classes regularly around the World besides One-to- One Private Session via Skype. For organizing a Live Training/Workshop of Banani Ray in your program or venue, please contact