IFYM, the International Foundation of Yoga and Meditation is the professional association of the global Yoga and Meditation community, the gold standard of Yoga and Meditation, working to provide independent Yoga and Meditation Practitioners and Teachers with outstanding benefits, resources, and tools to grow, enhance and expand your practice.

We are an organization for you and work to create a supportive environment within Yoga and Meditation. We provide a forum for support and professional, personal and spiritual growth. We are an membership-based network to bring people together to get the benefits and advances of yoga and meditation. International Foundation of Yoga and Meditation is open to all meditation teachers, yoga teachers, students, yogis, yoginis, research institutes, meditation organizations and yoga organizations.

Recognition as a Registered IFYM Professional Member shows that you have attained the highest standards of professionalism and service within Yoga and Meditation. We provide loving service to the worldwide Yoga and Meditation community, IFYM has members in over 50 countries. There is no dogma, bureaucracy or ego, but instead support, community, and outstanding benefits.

Let those in need of your services, sessions or classes find you easily, get connected with the global Yoga and Meditation community, further your learning with Yoga and Meditation through The Yoga and Meditation Times, and receive great benefits – join IFYM today!

Who should join IFYM?

– Yoga and Meditation Practitioners, part-time or full-time, who offer Yoga or Meditation class, sessions or services
– Yoga and Meditation Masters who teach Yoga or Meditation
– Practitioners of other modalities or fields who incorporate Yoga and Meditation into their practice

IFYM works for the benefit of the global Yoga and Meditation community and all of its members. We have no agenda other than to see the Yoga and Meditation community, individually and collectively, reach its full potential. This includes efforts to provide a forum for continual growth on professional and personal levels, and as a group, to create support among members in the Yoga and Meditation community and to raise awareness of Yoga and Meditation to the general public.

Get connected – join the global Yoga and Meditation family – start your Professional Membership or Professional PLUS Membership today!

Please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact our Member Services Department if we may be of assistance to you in any way. From all of your friends at IFYM, we wish you joy, peace and Yoga and Meditation Blessings.

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