Top Chakra Inspirations and Quotes of Sri Amit Ray

Chakra Inspirations and Quotes

Rishi Amit Ray is known to the world for his contribution of peace, compassion and love. His is inspiration for millions across the world. He is the seer of the 114 chakras. In his deep meditation he can see the chakras. He discovered the names, locations and functions of many of the 114 chakras. Here we discussed some of inspirational words on chakras.

NirVana chakra is the chakra of neuroplasticity. It allows the brain to continuously change and adapt, and build new neural connections as needed, and abandoning the pathways that drags people down.

– Sri Guru Amit Ray

Enlightenment is knowing the unchanging background behind all that is changing.  Eliminate everything that is separate from the Supreme.

Sri Guru Amit Ray

Ojas chakra is a micro-environment of spiritual energy and leadership. The network consists of mahapadma chakras, two padma chakras and the subtle connection of the third eye.

Sri Guru Amit Ray