How to Chant Chakra Mantras Along the Central Nervous System

You know, mantras and the mandalas are the two powerful spiritual and ritual practices of yoga and Hinduism to bring balance in life and the universe. In this article, we explain the seven mantras for the 7 chakras in the central nervous system.

Mantras for the Chakras
Mantras for the Chakras

The central nervous system controls most functions of the body and mind. It consists of two parts: the brain and the spinal cord. There are seven major chakras in our body. Five of them are in the spine and two are in the brain. Here, you will know how mantra chanting along the central nervous system (CNS). Which is beneficial for your health prosperity, and spiritual wellbeing.

Sage Sri Amit Ray once Said

“Mantras can tune the petals of the 114 chakras with the cosmic divine energies. It can purify your subconscious mind and bring you out of the negative thought patterns. You can easily abide in the state of the pure being.” – Sri Amit Ray

Chakras are the psychic energy centers in our body through which energy flows.  How many chakras are there in human body? Sage Sri Amit Ray  discovered that there are 114 chakras in human body. All the 114 chakras can be activated by the mantras.  The seven chakras along the central nervous system are very powerful. Each of the seven chakras has its own vitality and is related to our emotional well-being. Chakra bhedan removes the imbalances in the 7 chakra system.

The lower chakras ( root, sacral, and the solar plexus) are associated with all that is earthly, finite, and material.

The upper chakras (throat, third-eye, and the crown) are associated with all that is infinite, universal, and cosmic. The fourth chakra (heart) is at the center of it all, connects us to our world and the humanity, and our infinite consciousness.

The Muladhara or root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is related to basic human instinct and survival. The Swadishthana is located above the root chakra, at the sacrum and corresponds to the reproductive cycle.

Above that is the Manipura, is a golden yellow and is primarily a convergence center of nerves, veins, and tissue located between your belly button and diaphragm. This chakra represents your sense of self, willpower, self-confidence, purpose, and wisdom.

Above this is Anahata, located in the chest just above the heart and deals with love, inner peace and devotion. This is followed by Vishuddhi, located in the throat and dealing with communication, self-expression etc. Above this is Ajna, which is between the eyebrows and responds to intuition, imagination and ability to deal with situations.

Finally, there is Sahasrara, which is at the very top of the head and deals with inner and outer beauty, connection to spirituality, etc. The energy of this top chakra in the head brings inner peace, expanded insight, deep trust, and liberation.

A balanced Crown Chakra liberates the spirit but also keeps us deeply rooted to the earth. Feeling the higher power within and without can help you to see and feel that everything is connected.

Sage Patanjali in his yoga sutra explained the power of chanting “Om mantra”, which is also known as pranava or omkara.

bija mantra for chakras
bija mantra for chakras

Mantras for the seven chakras

  1. Muladhara  – Root Energy Vortex. Mantra – “LAM“. Element: earth. Energy: safe, grounded. Affirmation: I am strong.
  2. Svadisthana  – Sacral Energy Vortex. Mantra – “VAM”. Element: water. Energy: in the flow. Affirmation: I feel great.
  3. Manipura  – Solar Plexus Energy Vortex. Mantra – “RAM”. Element: fire. Energy: self-mastery. affirmation: I do the best.
  4. Anahata  – Heart Energy Vortex. Mantra – “YAM”. Element: air. Energy: love, compassion. Affirmation: I love myself.
  5. Vishuddha – Throat Energy Vortex. mantra – “HAM”. Element: ether. Energy: creativity, expression, purification. Affirmation: I communicate with others efficiently.
  6. Ajna – Third eye energy center. Mantra “OM”. Element: transcendent. Energy: mind. Affirmation: I have a clear vision.
  7.  Sahasrara – Crown chakra. Mantra: Inner Silence. Element: nothing, everything, and all that is between and beyond that. affirmations: I am connected.


In summary, the chakra activation with mantra is a step by step daily yoga practice. This works along with energy locks, meditations, breathing exercises and other practices. can help open up these chakras.

The unique powerful vibrations that is produced when you chant the mantras along the central nervous system can literally change your life and the way you view health, wealth, and happiness.

Chanting the mantras in the petals of the chakras are very useful. It reduces stress levels and enhances peaceful healing energies in the body and mind.