The Light of Compassion: The Teachings of Sri Amit Ray

In the realm of spiritual enlightenment and compassion, the words of Sri Amit Ray resonate deeply, offering guidance and illumination to those who seek inner peace and understanding. Among his many teachings, one particular quote stands out like a beacon of light:

“The light of compassion opens the petals of the heart. When the petals of the heart unfold, fragrance spreads across the valley.” – Sri Amit Ray

In these words lies a profound truth about the transformative power of compassion and its ability to uplift the human spirit. Let us embark on a journey to explore the significance of this quote and how it can enrich your life in myriad ways.

What is Compassion and Why is it Important?

Compassion is more than just a fleeting feeling of sympathy or empathy towards others; it is a deep-rooted sense of connection and understanding that transcends boundaries of self-interest. It is …

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Six Most Powerful Mindfulness Quotes with Benefits

Scientific studies confirmed that benefits of mindfulness-based meditation are remarkable. I discussed here, the six most powerful benefits of mindfulness meditation with six inspirational quotes. Whether you are doctor, engineer, lawyer or any other professionals, practicing mindfulness will give you immense benefits.

The cultivation of joy is an important element of mindfulness practice. Joy helps us to be more fully present to life, and it also gives us the motivation. The actual practice of mindfulness involves moment to moment happiness awareness of what is happening now, both internally and externally.


1 Mindfulness as Collaboration with Nature:

A University of Washington study divided participants into three groups. One received an eight-week course in mindfulness meditation, another received some training later and the third received only body relaxation training.

Only the individuals who received the meditation training showed cognitive improvements on the test and those participants’ concentration abilities “improved significantly.”

This …

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Pema Chödrön

PemaChödrönPema Chödrön born in 1936 is an American Buddhist nun and author whose teachings and writings on meditation have helped make Buddhism accessible to a broad Western audience. She is widely known for her charming and down-to-earth interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism for Western audiences.

The Pema Chodron Foundation is dedicating to preserving and sharing Pema’s inspiration and teachings in order that they might help us all awaken wisdom and compassion in ourselves and the world around us.…

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Sharon Salzberg

Sharon-SalzbergSharon Salzberg born  in 1952, co-founder the Barre Insight Meditation Society and best-selling author of such books as Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation. Salzberg says, “Meditation returns us to who we are; we can see ourselves beneath the level of habit and the projection of fear and see some beautiful qualities of strength.”  Her emphasis is on vipassanā (insight) and mettā (loving-kindness) methods. In 1971, in Bodh Gaya, India, Sharon attended her first intensive meditation course. She spent the next years engaged in intensive study with highly respected meditation teachers. She returned to America in 1974 and began teaching vipassana (insight) meditation. Today she leads teaches a variety of offerings around the globe.


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Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon_Kabat-ZinnBorn in 1944 is Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He teaches mindfulness, which he says can help people cope with stress, anxiety, pain, and illness. The stress reduction program created by Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness-based stress reduction, is offered by medical centers, hospitals, and health maintenance organizations.…

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Sri Amit Ray | Life, Teachings and Biography

Sri Amit Ray, born in 1960, is an Indian author and spiritual master whose teachings and writings on meditation, 114 chakras, yoga and compassion deeply influenced people across the world. Compassion is his core teachings. He is considered as one of the pioneers of the Compassionate Artificial Intelligence Movement.

Amit Ray Meditation


Education and early life

He was a meritorious student from his childhood. He did his BE from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, University of Calcutta. He did his M.Tech and PhD in 1993 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. His PhD thesis was on “Enhancement of the Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence Based Diagnostic Systems”. In 1993, he explored the possibilities of compassionate AI for the advancement of future humanities and societies.

Spiritual journey

He showed a spiritual tendency and heightened awareness right from the age of 8 years. He always has a deep connection with …

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